Blak Madeen ft. Planet Asia - Guerrilla Soldiers

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Boston duo Blak Madeen proudly put their fists in the air with “Guerilla Soldiers,” a gritty new single off their upcoming album, Supreme Aftermath, that features West Coast bully-rap icon Planet Asia.

As soon as The Arcitype’s bruising beat hits your speakers, it’s clear that the track couldn’t have had a better guest than the Cali Agent, Nautical Pirate. His tough-guy raps like “Dump you on your face like a cigarette” provide a snarling dose of bravado that serves as a balancing act. Whereas PA sucker-punches the competition, Blak Madeen’s Al-J and Yusuf Abdul-Mateen stick to dizzying rhymes and slick wordplay (“off the wall like asbestos”).

Supreme Aftermath drops January 15th via Rhyme Dawah, and is now available for pre-order via iTunes for just $4.99. In the interim, you can stream both “Guerrilla Soldiers,” along with the project’s inaugural leak, “Long Way to Go,” featuring Gift of Gab of Blackalicious fame.