Blitz The Ambassador Presents "Shine" (Exclusive Music Video)

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Blitz The Ambassador knows how to drop consistent, purposeful music.

"Shine" is the second single off Blitz the Ambassador's upcoming album Diasporadical EP.

Above are the visuals to his newest release, which impresses upon your mind in a subliminal, yet artistic manner. Your eyes absorb whats being enacted, but your ears take in a serious message with various perspectives.

Directed by Blitz The Ambassador himself, the short film/music video depicts a story in its middle point. A father and his daughter are captured in the moment of time where things are obviously rigid in life. The father expresses nervousness, anxiety and concern - even a touch of worry and doubt throughout the visual piece. The daughter maintains a neutrality, which balances out the mysterious intrigue of the father's woes. She's jubial, peaceful and innocent in presentation, being accompanied in the video with a "guardian" spirit character that encourages hope and protection.

An excellent addition to the lineup of Blitz's discography/videoography portfolio. Masterfully edited by Max Poussier. Photographed by Shawn Peters. Music produced by IAMNOBODI. Check this video out, and be sure to leave your thoughts below on this visual.

What do you feel this video represents?