Book Lil Wayne or Wiz Khalifa For Your Next Party

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Apart from rapping, smoking and skateboarding, both Wiz and Lil Wayne have a new hobby to put even more money into their pockets. Thanks to Snoop Dogg's most recent success in DJing and hosting parties, Wayne and Wiz have decided to take their love for music to a whole nother level.

TMZ reports that for just $25,000 you can book Wiz Khalifa to DJ your event while, if your feeling a little bit more expensive, you can book Wayne for a whopping $60,000. Not to mention both artists require VIP treatment and a first class ticket wherever they are expected.

It is said that both artist have already been booked for shows, one at Orange County's nightclub, Heat. Wiz has even taken it a step further to go by another name, DJ Cat Daddy, for some of his recent shows.

I'm not sure if I would pay that much money for an appearance from one of these guys but for $25k - $60k, I'm sure one thing a clubber or club promoter would hope to count on would be good music, which really isn't promised due to the fact neither one could know what they're doing. But since Wayne is charging anywhere between $250k - $500k and Wiz is charging $150k - $250k for rapping, if your paying for the appearance more than a show, I guess you could say you'd be getting your money's worth.