In his irresistible new single, “RUN,” singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Brandyn Burnette appropriately asks, “When that moments comes, will you grab it by the horns and run?”

Burnette, in fact, wrote “RUN” about his decision to leave behind a full scholarship to pursue his dreams. And, now, the Florida native has fans the world over who might argue that he made the right decision.

Co-produced by Griff Oskar (RX Songs/Republic), “RUN” officially dropped on May 1.

Born in Boca Raton, Brandyn Burnette is a third generation wordsmith who has music in his DNA. His father is Capitol Records R&B artist, O’bryan, who appeared on the Billboard charts in the 1980s with hits like “The Gigolo.” Enthralled by his father's music and influences, Burnette learned to play the piano at age 7, and began writing songs that bridged soul and pop at just 13. By the time he arrived in New York City to attend NYU on that full musical scholarship, Burnette had already penned a catalog of some 80 original tunes.

In 2011, Burnette signed a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records and eventually released the hit single, "Thanks for Nothing.” Burnette has opened up for Jon Bellion, James Bay, Tori Kelly and John Mayer. In addition, he has had multiple international number one hits (more recently on Korean super group EXO), co-wrote the new Jesse McCartney single “Better With You” all while gaining visibility on his other project, Cosmos & Creature (latest single has been placed on Spotify's New Music Friday playlist in ten territories).

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Most recently, Burnette collaborated with Dwilly and Kayo Genesis on a track called “Hands Down” that instantly went viral on the Spotify Global & U.S. charts. In its review of “Hands Down,” YourEDM wrote “Brandyn Burnette’s voice glides atop the notes like an absolute angel, weightless and divine.”

“My whole life has been adapting to new situations,” shares Burnette. 

“Each chapter has helped me reach the next level of my emotional and artistic development. I would take the qualities and experiences I loved about a certain place or time with me, leave others behind that didn’t fit, and start over as a newer, better version of myself, finding my own lane among those influences.”

Experience the cinematic visual above and stay tuned for more from Brandyn Burnette in 2018!