Brett Steinberg's "Age Of Wonder" Lives Up To it's Hype

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“This album is very unique for me." says Brett Steinberg, who is a combination merged between songwriter, producer and musician - all in one package. "My main focus was on the style of production that provoked a certain kind of feeling…"

And out of all honesty, we completely agree with his personal standpoint. There's something refreshing about the approach he took in the process of making "Age Of Wonder". From the perspective of the listener, they are in for a musical journey, un-explainable, unless they listen between the lines from the composer.

Musically? It's just as impressive. The moods delivered within each snare, key or guitar strum all targets a certain emotion, paralleling itself perfectly with the written lyrics.

From the second you press play, Steinberg purposely hooks your musical taste buds with the sweet combination, addictive to the human pallet.

For example, "Serendipity" which is the first up on the playlist, packs lyrics that makes your mind wonder "what is he referring to?"

"The city sings a silent tune/ Whispers thoughts to me and you/

We had the world on strings/ Felt like more than human beings/

Then the roof caved in/ We were swallowed into reality/

The magic disapeared/ But I still hold on to serendipity/"

Easily applicable to many references, each person will interpret differently. Amazingly, this approach really makes his project more than just interesting. How many metaphors can a writer pack into one song, without losing the listener? Steinberg proves as many as possible, if the writer desired it.


And let's highlight the musical aspect of this album, not to forget it's Coldplay-ish approach - frequently used throughout. Replicating the famous saturated reverbed organs (trademark of the groups signature sound), in addition to heavy unison chants, we can clearly see who Steinberg looks up to musically.

All in all, no harm here - as we appreciate this tribute. He uses it tastefully and respectfully without quote on quote, "copying".

Smooth like silk, the engineering on this record really impresses the eardrum. Carefully mixed and mastered (in-studio), the sound sonics itself makes this project feel like a major release on a big time record label. You actually forget that you're listening to an independent artist through your speakers.

A great example of this is on the album's self titled song, "Age Of Wonder". There, you can draw to our references perfectly.


One of AOW's audible gems lays in the calm, on "Broken Canvas" and "Lions Den". A perfect combination of heartbreak and pain mixed with many feelings even we think Steinberg couldn't even explain. Mixed with a touch of a John Mayer's emotional energy from his "Heavier Things" era, this track transitions the project into something completely left field.

 "I lived life first before I composed the lyrics, and put different experiences i’ve been through in each song. Every track is derived from different moments in my life, and represent true reflections of my past.”

Overall, when we sum up this project, what can be said is simply put - amazingly awesome. There's not too many negatives in this record as it lives up to it projected potential. An awesome debut, which many artists fail to accomplish. AOW keeps a focus, not straying too far from its purpose in conveying an overall message.

We completely get it, Steinberg is a Coldplay/John Mayer fan - obviously. But somehow, someway - you just don't notice it firsthand. Click the picture below to purchase your copy of Age Of Wonder via iTunes, and experience a pure musical bliss in stereo form.

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