Bryson Knoel Speaks His Heart On New Single "7 Wonders"

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This is Bryson Knoel. The R&B/ Pop rising artist who is bold and fearless when it comes to making a name for himself in this competitive music industry.

Bryson Knoel is a Baltimore-bred singer/songwriter and performer, whose current single "7 Wonders" is steadily making waves for the trailblazing vocalist.He's becoming known for his heavily vocal driven r&b sound, which is infused with pop elements. Growing up in a household where creativity was encouraged, he was inspired to become a vocalist at a very young age.

By age 10, he began songwriting and learning to hone his craft in pursuit of becoming a professional recording artist. After spending years in a r&b/pop group and participating in both his high school and church choirs, he began recording demos for potential projects for himself and other artists. Since then he has released his first EP "Tip of the Iceberg" through Ryan Leslie and his new artist platform "Disruptive Multimedia". He's currently working on his next project "Heart on my Sleeve", which is slated to release by the end of 2014.