Cash Campain Unveils The Visuals To "Cheat Codes"

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Ladies is pimps too..

I bet Berkeley R&B singer Cash Campain had Usher's hit single "You Don't Have To Call" in mind when he was penning this single.

In the words of Mr. Raymond, "don't leave your girl 'round me. True player for real". That's the moral of the story to Cash's latest visual release, "Cheat Codes"..

Cash grabs fellow Bay Area artists, CALEBORATE & T. Carriér to help narrate the single as he tells the story of how he basically scoops up someone's girl.

It's sort of like a video game: you play to win, while the opponent sits back and takes a loss. Tune in below & watch Cash Campain uses his Cheat Codes to hit his opposition with a TKO.