Celebrated Producer DJ Dahi Makes "Drop" His Official Foray Into Electronic Music

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Known mostly for his Hip-Hop collaborations, which include Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Wale, Vince Staples, and most notably Drake for his hit record, "Worst Behavior," and his pop collaborations, which include Madonna and Lily Allen, Inglewood-based DJ and producer DJ Dahi is taking another step forward with, "Drop," his official introduction to electronic music.

The single is a dance track, recently licensed by Coors Light as a TV ad as part of their #CLreFRESH series and showcases Dahi's versatility as a multi-genre producer.

In the three and a half-minute record, Dahi switches through several electronic arrangements, from dubstep-influenced drops and exotic arpeggios to half-time time signatures and heavy-led synths. While still keeping its body cohesive, Dahi demonstrates his unorthodox approach while keeping the listener engaged until its conclusion.

Meshing together his own style of production, Dahi creates a refreshing new sound while simultaneously giving the listener something familiar to grasp onto.

"It was all spontaneity," Dahi explains, "which is great in music... It's kind of just melting pot of sounds or vibes but I think overall the whole thing is about, kind of just, energy."