Chance the Rapper ft. Saba - Angels (Official Video)

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Saba joins Chance the Rapper in the official music video for "Angels," directed by Austin Vesely. The single first debuted during a live performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in October. Says Saba, "I've known Chance for a few years now.

We met at an open mic in Chicago called YOUMedia. The first time we worked together was on Acid Rap's 'Everybody's Something.' He just reached out to me, very organic, nothing crazy. We were both just fans of each other. Since then, we've just continued to work and build a relationship and I think the latest release, 'Angels,' will really showcase that." Saba also worked with Chance on The Social Experiment's Surf project.

Explains Saba, "I think it's still early in all of our careers so I'm pretty positive there will be more collaborations between all of us."