Did They Really Do Alright: What Chloe x Halle Could Have Done Differently

The Kids Are Alright, the newest album released by Chloe x Halle, is already in a league of its own. Find out the ultimate power move they could've pulled to skyrocket themselves even further.
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Looking for new artist to enjoy during the car ride home can be exhausting. It must take me at least half the ride to find some type of music worthy of cranking the volume above the midway point. Sometimes I get so frustrated I drive in silence, or worst, I listen to the radio. This week however, I was blessed. In one of my many searches, this time for a new show to watch, I discovered Chloe x Halle. Now I’ll admit, they weren’t exactly unfamiliar artist to me, but I never really set time aside to listen to them. It wasn’t until I caught myself vibing to the theme song for Grown-ish that I was like, “Oh ok, they got something here.” It took for Twitter to convince me that they were worth more of my attention.

With all the hashtags and trending topics, Twitter is famous for sharing news, before you even turn on your television to watch the local news station. It was to my benefit, that on the evening of March 23, as I did my daily scroll, I saw that they had released a new album. After doing a bit more scrolling, I saw someone else tweet their video which had some pretty cool visuals. And although the visuals, clothes, and lyrics were dope, the opportunity that they missed just wouldn't leave me alone.

What opportunity?

Well, once again, our favorite Bad Gal is back with something that’ll drive our bank accounts into the negatives. Just a few days ago, Rihanna announced that summer came early with her Fenty Beauty #BEACHPLEASE collection of glittering pom poms and body lava luminizers, which we can expect to be hitting select stores on April 6.

Now in my opinion, this could have been a huge chance for some real black girl magic to transpire. In the left hand, we have Chloe x Halle who have a sister act that encompasses phenomenal voices matched with style and grace, plus they’re also good actresses. And in the other hand, we have Rihanna who is like an octopus at this point,  with arms dabbling in multiple industries. One minute she’s a musician, then she’s an actress, and the next she’s creating her own brand of cosmetics—but it’s ok, because she’s dominating right now. But, why didn’t these three collaborate? Being as though they all had projects that were being released so close to each other’s dates definitely created a space for them to work together on something.

When I saw Chloe x Halle drenched in glittery glow in their video it was beautiful, but being douched in Fenty Beauty’s body lava would have taken it to uncharted heights. If you look at the numbers, Rihanna’s Instagram account has over 60 million followers, and it's probably growing by the minute. And if you switch over quickly to Fenty Beauty’s Instagram Account, you’ll notice how that page has a following of over 3 million followers. With a little bit of math, that could have easily resulted in over 63 million more potential fans for Chloe x Halle—who currently have fan base around 900 thousand on Instagram. Rihanna could have even benefitted by gaining a few more fans as a result too.

It’s not like this has never been done before. Celebrities use each other to promote each other’s projects all the time. I’m sure there are other examples, but take for instance Kanye West and Teyana Taylor. Back in 2016, West debuted the video to his song "Fade". In the video, Taylor is seen dancing with a style that resembles closely to “bruk back” and with elements seen in the movie Flashdance. People may have thought, Teyana was just a being a good sport, but she was also promoting her own self. As a result of the video going viral, it helped catapult her career as a fitness and dance instructor, while also giving West that added bit of sex appeal, which brought in the extra views for his video.

West's and Taylor's success just adds to the reason why Chloe x Halle, and Rihanna could have worked together. If not for promotional gain, then at least because they’re three queens navigating through some of the same industries.