Chris Miles - All In Your Mind

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chris miles all in your mind

Chris Miles releases his newest single "All In Your Mind," produced by Blended Babies.

The throwback, jazzy beat, was unorthodoxly created around a voice memo that Compton rapper Buddy sent to Blended Babies.

That memo became the hook and the rest of the song was built around it.

"The songs about an ideal girl who understands all the stuff that’s going on in my mind with the stresses and demands of life. She just gets it. Meanwhile, I just wanna get it" Chris said.

"All In Your Mind" is preceded by his prior single release, "Psychotic," which landed Miles on Billboard’s Emerging Artist charts, where he trended for 5 days straight.

Based on the pressure of being in the music industry received additional praise. With his album Milestones on the horizon, Chris might get stressed out from time to time but he knows it’s all in his head and is ready for whatever comes his way. Milestones is coming soon.