Coline Creuzot Delivers 'Show Me', An Ode To True Love's Demonstration

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Coline Creuzot, (Singer/Songwriter)hailing from the city of Houston is back with her newest single release 'Show Me'Sony ATV is her label of choice for songwriting. While recording audible 90's-00's inspired style R&B/Hip-Hop gems as sprinkles on top the cake.

“I want my listeners to feel a connection when they listen to my music and most importantly, vibe with me,” said Creuzot to HYPEFRESH, Inc. “I write songs based on my personal experiences in the past, present, and my hopes for the future and to channel my emotions through a creative outlet.”

'Show Me' (co-written by Sam Hook) is upbeat, playful and colorful at it's best. Everything about this record screams "banger, banger, banger." The music? Produced in it's entirety - all thanks to Grammy Award-winning producer, Happy Perez. Once we hit the play button, our rotation added at least 30-40 new spins to Creuzot's play count.

 Coline Creuzot.

Coline Creuzot.

Coline Creuzot has also decided to team up with Happy Perez for her LP 'Timeless' which is also due out by Summer 16'. Be sure to stay abreast via her iTunes channel, as well as HYPEFRESH, Inc.

“I just want to make timeless music." 

“Music that can stand the test of time. I strive to heal and connect people with my music. Help them get through things good or bad. Music is a universal language and I want people to feel that when they listen to my music. I want them to be moved.”


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