Connor Evans Releases "No Stress" Video

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A month removed from releasing his album "The Vibe," singer and rapper Connor Evans has released the project's first music video. Released for the track "No Stress," Evans' video can be viewed on YouTube below. You can also stream the full project on Apple MusicSpotify, and SoundCloud.

The track features a blend of singing and rapping from the South California-raised Connor Evans. Accompanied by an upbeat, atmospheric instrumental with trap-influences, the energy of the track takes on the carefree nature of the title.

The video only continues the song's surreal feel. The visuals were shot in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the latter of which is where Evans currently resides. The video shows Evans in a variety of settings, from an ocean to a forest to a bedroom, all while maintaining the same stress-free theme.

Evans elaborated on the meaning and purpose behind the song.

"I had a period of my life where I abstained from alcohol, wouldn't ever consider trying a drug, lived off fresh vegetable and fruit juices and raw, unprocessed foods...and was f--king miserable a lot of the time," he said. "'No Stress' is about acknowledging the need for balance and recognizing that it's OK to live a little, that's what the human experience is all about. Every little thing is gonna be alright."

Check out the rest of Connor Evans' new music by listening to his latest album, "The Vibe." Catch the video above!