MUSIC: Constant Flow - 'Anatomy Of A Revolution'

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Fighting the great fight bar by bar Immortal Technique's new artist Constant Flow is a front line General!

After paying dues for years with his next-level wordplay, New Jersey's Constant Flow is hardly a new jack to the game.

A true scholar whose dedication to perfecting his craft is both inspiring and aggressive, it's only right that he makes his Viper Records debut with 'Anatomy of a Revolutionary' -- the lead single taken from his forthcoming inaugural LP, Ascension.As Constant Flow explains, a Frankenstein-esque creation made up of the qualities of history's finest revolutionaries, we get a deep understanding of what he's all about and what he's capable of in terms of lyrical depth and ability.

The frantic nature of the beat, produced by Southpaw, coupled with Flow's storytelling makes 'Anatomy of a Revolutionary' a calling card to all other contenders in the Hip-Hop game to step their game up. Ascension, is set for a September 2nd release date, and is now available for Pre-Order via iTunes. If you dig lyrics that leap off of the page, make sure Constant Flow is on your radar!

According To Constant Flow: 

"My friend, whom is African American, was having a family get together at his back yard and the JCPD ran down on him and brought, what I witnessed were about 10 squad cars for a mere group of like 13 people. The police confiscated his stereo equipment also cell phones with footage of the incident, hurled insults at his family and himself and assaulted them as well. It was very surreal, especially since his home was the only African American household in an all Hispanic neighborhood. There was a home directly across the street of Colombians who were way more unruly but the police didn’t even bat an eye to them.

"I began to notice a trend after 9/11 where a more militarized police force were using excessive methods when dealing with people of color; whether stop and frisk or racial profiling, particularly targeting African Americans. Just recently a police officer was murdered in Jersey City and I think from what I seen that day, things may get worse. Camden is an odd situation because New Jersey is considered to be one of the wealthiest states in the country, where as Camden is deemed one of the poorest Cities in the nation. It shows you the disparity of wealth we have going here, not only in the state, but in the U.S. as a whole, and when you have that kind income inequality then you create an environment of desperation and crime."

"I believe a better dialogue must be built between the community and those in law enforcement who protect them. There also needs to be the demilitarization of the police, there is no need to have a paramilitary unit in your neighborhood because it gives off the impression that the “community police” aren’t there to protect the citizens, but a “foreign army” is there to enforce marshal law and occupy." - Constant Flow

iTunes Pre-Order:

01. Ascension
02. Winter Blood (feat. Beast1333)
03. Anatomy of a Revolution
04. Sunshine (feat. PJ Pacifico)
05. Danger Zone
06. Young Lord (feat. Kelly Finnegan & Wyseme)
07. Extra
08. Dog Tags (feat. Swave Sevah & Akir)
09. Moment of Peace (feat. Immortal Technique & Melanie Fontana)
10. Bars (feat. Dontique)
11. Celebrate Life (feat. Wyseme)
12. The Devils Maze (feat. Immortal Technique)
13. You're All Welcome