Cormega, "Industry" (Video)

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After hundreds of thousands of albums sold, multi-platinum appearances, a major label deal, drafting the blueprint for independent success, Cormega boldly states that his July 22 release of Mega Philosophy will define his place among the greats, and in turn his Rap Legacy.

“Mega Philosophy is the album that will determine if I truly belong in hip-hop,” shares the introspective lyricist. “On Mega Philosophy, I had to challenge myself to elevate above the norm. I feel like hip-hop has failed the listeners,” he declares. “Hip-Hop used to be journalistic; people spoke on what they saw and what they felt. “So much has happened in the last few years, but a lot of artists aren’t talking about anything.

I’m fighting for our culture,” he says, out to replace the songs about drinking to excess and “molly” with information promoting knowledge of self, family, and valuing the arts. Mega’s fifth studio album, Mega Philosophy, produced entirely by Large Professor challenges current conventions of mainstream rap at every turn.