Curtis Roach Releases Debut Project 'The Avenue'

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OK-Tho Records newcomer Curtis Roach presents his debut project The Avenue.

What is very interesting is that 16-year-old Curtis has only been rapping since January. Can you tell? Probably not.

After a stint with DJing, Curtis decided to move on to rapping, releasing his first single "The Odd Ones," prior to his debut album.

According to the rapper, the idea behind the project is to show the new generation of rappers that they should follow their own path and not fall victim to fads and trends. With over 12 tracks of various instrumentals of jazz and boom bap classics, Curtis proves Hip-Hop is still quite alive for independent artists.

"I feel nowadays, especially in music, a lot of people are doing the same thing and its rare that you find someone who is being themselves."