ATL’s DAEtrius Returns With “ShowOut”

Just Added to Spotify’s ‘Most Necessary’ Playlist
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Just Added to Spotify’s ‘Most Necessary’ Playlist
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After making noise this past summer with The EBRO Demo EP, Atlanta’s burgeoning new talent, DAEtrius delivers, “ShowOut,” his latest single that proves he can straight-up spit just as well as he can craft a radio-friendly hit.

And just as the 22-year-old spitter proved on The EBRO Demo, DAEtrius, alongside his ‘go to’ producer, EpikhPro are showcasing that the South have and will continue to create Hip-Hop with soul and substance. Although “ShowOut” may be guilty for “having too much flavor,” it’s got that richness to it that only cats like his heroes, including T.I. and Andre 3000, can bring to the booth. 

If this is what DAEtrius has had brewing since dropping his EP, then who knows what we could expect next from the kid. ‘Til then, embrace the final breezy moments of summer and keep “ShowOut” on rotation.