Dante Lennon Debuts 'One Thing' Visual Along With 'Party at a Funeral' EP

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Brooklyn's own Danté Lennon hits us with a 1-2 punch today, and a powerful one at that. In addition to the release of her long-awaited new EP, 'Party at a Funeral', Danté also liberates a catchy new video for "One Thing", the EP's first single.

The thrilling set of visuals, directed by JR Omishore, shows a young girl sprinting towards a boating dock and stopping just shy of the edge. It's up for interpretation in terms of what she was running from, but with the thumping sound of "One Thing" playing in the background, combined with flashy, trippy scenes of Dante rapping, it's nothing short of a movie-like experience.

The 8-track EP includes features from rappers PremeDaPrez, and D.R.U.G., as well as singers Celeste and Deacon. The production team includes the likes of J Keyz, Smoova, Rum Punk and NewDay. With this new batch of music out, and some promising material in the vault, expect Danté to become a household name sooner than later.