OXYMORRONS Debut "Hello Me"

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The Queens-based band have curated an ear-catching signature sound, ​experimenting​ with a myriad of genres and siphoning ​from different influences. But it's Oxymorrons captivating live show, full of non-stop energy that can be felt all the way to the back of the venue, which has music lovers entranced(live video)​. They've shared the stage with chart-topping acts like Outkast, Gym Class Heroes, Ludacris, and Common just to name a few.​ They are preparing for the release of their debut EP with Tommy Boy Entertainment, Complex But Basic (2016).

Continuing their momentum the band teamed up with Consequence of Sound to unveil a new sonic creation. Equipped with an insatiable thirst to explore uncharted sonic terrain, the ever-inventive group has unveiled a fresh perspective with their latest track. Branching out from their usual raw theatricality, Oxymorrons slow things down to beautifully personify the experience of loss in their new single, “Hello Me.” Ambient synth carried by pulsating percussion takes the band into the indie/shoegaze realm while maintaining their urban influences, putting their signature stamp on the dream-pop genre. Listen below!