Definition Of Cherish

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I cherish you, I’ll cherish you until the end of this Earth. A beautiful intelligent Goddess that knows her value and her worth. Days have become brighter since she decided to bless me with her presences.

Women of God her dwelling is from the Heavens. I don’t know what to be more excited about the day, our future or the moment that I found you. To experience her love is something unexplainable this must be fate.

Nothing compares to her smile and her warm embrace. She’s my most prized possession in my arms you are safe. It may have been a long journey but your worth the chase.

Beautiful women, beautiful women your everything I dreamed. The missing piece to my jigsaw puzzle, next to my throne she is my Queen. Me and her put together is an inseparable team.

Her Virtue, beauty, and heart is what I adore most. My motivation, determination, integrity, and my overall hope. Phenomenal women that is what you are, molded into perfection, and kind by far.

She's the hero with no cape, maybe mascara because she’s my superwomen. She’s honest, and considerate in every way her loyalty has been proven.

Cherish you, Cherish you, that's what I'll do. Forever you'll be mine, I thank God for you!!