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Dirt Disciples' Featured on WNYU's The Halftime Show (VIDEO)

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New York rap duo Rome Clientel & DJ Concept, a/k/a Dirt Disciples recently made their way to The Halftime Show on WNYU to further prove why you need to hear their recently released, The Ambition EP.

In addition to the two sitting down for an interview with DJ Eclipse, Rome got the chance to show off his skills on the mic. He unleashes bar after bar of ridiculous, screwface-inducing rhymes including: “Little kids dyin’, no one knows the exact cause/ While others unrighteous live their life through the black bars/ Try and bring it around my way, and get black-balled.” As you can tell, most of his lines require a little assistance from the rewind button, a point driven home by his Disciples brethren, Concept, who says “When (people) listen back to that, to tell you the truth, they’re gonna catch a lot of lines that they didn’t catch the first time.”

Dirt Disciples’ The Ambition EP is now available for stream via AudioMack and SoundCloud, and can be purchased through iTunes and all major digital retailers, via Soulspazm.