Disclosure - Jaded (Jammer remix)

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Producer and MC Jammer has decided to step forward from behind the production curtain with a remix of Disclosure's song "Jaded."

Jammer's remix is fresh and so pleasing to the ear, with a saxophone sound that adds such a unique touch to the remix.

"When I got the parts to "Jaded" I knew I wanted to make a fresh underground-sounding record that was friendly to the ear, not commercial but musical, something everyone could get into. I’m trying to create a familiar sound now; I’m producing a lot again so you’ll start to recognize the consistency… Making this remix we went in; it took two all-nighters to record this live - you’ve got CJ on sax and Blizzard on additional keys. Disclosure make good records and I hope I've complimented what they’d already done." - Jammer