Dizzy Wright - Work A Lil Harder

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dizzy wright work a lil harder

On his latest single “Work A Lil Harder,” Dizzy Wright spits an aggressive flow over thumping bass and keys, cementing his place in the game. Following a split from his former record label, Funk Volume, Wisdom and Good Vibes will mark Dizzy’s first release on his own and is slated to release on February 5th.

Last week, the prolific emcee released Wisdom and Good Vibe's first single, "Plotting," reflecting on the ways in which he's grown. Dizzy Wright explores his progression and maturity while poised to take 2016 by storm.

“This is my most musical album, meaning we brought live instrumentation into the studio,” Dizzy explains. “Despite everything that’s going on, I’m in a really good space right now and this project reflects that. This past year I’ve dedicated time to learning more about life and the business and everything around me. I’ve surrounded myself with good, smart people and we’re learning from each other. And I’m always about keeping it positive so that’s why I called this project Wisdom and Good Vibes.