Don Mykel Continues to Drop New Music With "Rapture II"

Don Mykel rolls his third new single, "Rapture II."
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Don Mykel rolls his third new single, "Rapture II."

Don Mykel has been keeping the "new music flow" coming since his recently released tracks, "23rd Riot" and "Candle Light" --which dropped just last week. Now he has released a new track entitled "Rapture II" featuring F.L.O., who has previously produced for the Harlem emcee.

In his new track, "Rapture II" Mykel continues to prove his lyrical prominence as he raps over a heavy beat instrumental produced by King Vino and Stoop Lauren.

Don Mykel has been riding the momentum, creating the build up for his upcoming new project. With singles coming out left and right and an all-new project on the way, Mykel looks to become a household name by the end of 2016.