Don Mykel Keeps It Vintage In "Kites & Bibles"

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Don Mykel is back with another bar for bar track with "Kites & Bibles."

The NY emcee has created a reputation for his explosive and breathless flow. With no hook on this specific track, Mykel complements the production perfectly with his style; transpiring the vintage sound that he loves so much.

Reaching into Mykel's catalog, you'll find a hefty number of tracks with 'old skool' influences and sounds. In his project, To Box With Gods, you'll hear the young emcee go in on some of Hip Hop's most revered beats. Having so much influence from hip-hops forefathers, Mykel has nothing but pure potential in front of him.

With his Rebirth EP on the way, "Kites & Bibles" is a great addition to the campaign -- whether it is officially on the project or not. There is no set release date for the EP just yet but with the consistent work we're getting from Don Mykel, anticipation continues to grow.