Doreen Taylor - Toy (Official Lyric Video)

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Doreen Taylor, Country/Pop genre singer is now crossing the lines within music, with her newest released single "Toy" ( produced by the legendary producer Larry Gold) This record debuted at the end of June and is now surfacing on HYPEFRESH®'s radar for you guys.

Taking the even tempo, slow ballad approach, Toy tells a clear message about Doreen's temperament within a relationship. We all know, some guys play the game on good girls. And unfortunately, this group of guys throw a damper on the rest of us good guys out here. Damaging trust as well as foundation, playing the game with hearts.

“My long and difficult journey has made me the artist I am today and my recent song-writing has been able to reflect that. I've grown so much as a person; it's nice to express that in my new music” said Doreen.

 Doreen Taylor.

Doreen Taylor.

"Pop music has taken a very troubling turn in the last decade or so. Very few mainstream pop artists are even able to perform live. With auto tune, over production and the rash pop ups of "basement studios", music has become a very cold and artificial product. The days of musical artistry have quickly disappeared and live singers and players have taken a backseat to computer savvy producers replicating vocals and instruments into robotic sounds and samples. My new tunes are an alternative to this trend and I have worked very hard to bring back the musicianship of pop music artists."

The really cool aspect about this track is that it touches on a subject that exposes the harsh realities of modern day relations. Chris Brown said "the h*es ain't loyal". However he forgot that most guys aren't either. No shade, just calling it a spade.

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Taylor's flip message to the good fellas in the world is simple: if you're not playing games, i'm all yours. Sounds good, right? It's a duality in one song. Either your in or you're out. Sounds fair enough.



To that end, Larry Gold, who is undeniably one of the great musical icons of our time, arranged Taylor’s new single. "Working with Larry Gold was a dream come true” explained Doreen. “Perhaps one of the most gifted arrangers of all time, it was an honor to have such a musical legend take my songs and turn them into gold (pun intended). Larry has worked with some of the greatest performers in our recent history like Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, Aretha Franklin and perhaps greatest of all, Michael Jackson. Having him arrange my new single "TOY" and be added into this incredible laundry list of who's who in the music industry is in one word...humbling."

Thus far, "Toy" has been impressing well on Doreen's fans, including the little ones. Check out this hilarious tweet by Denise Hillgrube on Twitter: 

Check out this record, and be sure to to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. What's your thoughts on Toy?

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