DPower Diesle ft. Frisco & Demolition Man - Who Can Draw (Official Video)

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DPower Diesle has a legacy in the Grime scene that stretches back to its roots.

From his early days as a DJ at Rinse FM and Déjà vu and his inclusion on Lord of the Mics 3 clashing Wariko through to touring with Skepta, Wiley, Jammer and Modestep, DPower Diesle, like all of the greats, has ticked the boxes that make him one of the grime scene saviors.

Preparing to release his debut album Zion, following the release of seven previous mixtapes, DPower Diesle teams up with BBK’s Frisco and Demolition Man for the first single "Who Can Draw".

Produced by King Yoof, the beat draws on an eclectic mix of synths and samples to make up a beastly 140bpm foundation for the three emcees to spray over.

Heavily laden with strings and reggae vibes on the hook, there’s an undertone of jungle through the verses, broken up with a myriad of synths, kicks and snares.

DPower Diesle and Frisco bless the verses with their raw London tones while Demolition Man brings a fresh flavor to the hook and final verse delivering a slice of Jamaican patois that contrasts against his cockney ad-libs.

Premiering exclusively via SBTV, the video features DPower Diesle, Frisco and Demolition Man in cutaways from a chilling narrative that follows the account of a “bad man”, check it out below.