Inside Drake's Short Film, "Please Forgive Me"

Drake channels his inner hero for 21-minute action packed visual.
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Drake's Views is probably the most popular album of 2016 with only two music videos to highlight the creative genius and unique soundwave of the Toronto native. Outside of "Child's Play" and "Hotline Bling," Drake has not released any music videos for the album. Rather, Drake has been working on his short film, Please Forgive Me, a compilation of tracks from the album. 

The 21-minute visual was co-directed by Drake and features "One Dance" and "Controlla," linked together to form an interesting story line that mimics the likes of Taken and Incedent Proposal. The action packed visual depicts a gunfight, massive car chase, desert traveling and a love interest and explosions. The visual was also directed by Anthony Mendler, the master mind behind Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift and Drake's "Fancy," "Find Your Love," and "Over." 

Please Forgive Me loses all the humor and wine-throwing from "Child's Play", giving the visual a serious, debut action film vibe that compliments the underlining tone of the album. Highlights include "Hype's" late- night car chase and the dance floor imagery of "One Dance." But the ultimate reference goes to Indecent Proposal, the 1993 film that centers around Robert Redford offering Woody Harrelson $1 million to sleep with his wife Demi Moore. Drake pays homage to the film and updates the plot with a rich businessman offering Drake's love interest (model Fanny Neguesha) the same deal. And she accepts! Hence the gun fight, car chase and massive explosions. From Johannesburg to the streets of Kingston, Drake is showing his affinity for landscape and exotic locations, all while highlighting his history in cinema.

Is this Drake's entry into Hollywood? Only time will tell!

Check out Please Forgive Me here