Dylan Owen Announces 'There's More To Life' EP

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New York rap artist Dylan Owen is releasing his highly anticipated EP called There's More To Life this summer on June 8th. The album comes as the latest installment of his coming-of-age journey following his previous releases Keep Your Friends Close and Senioritis.

"This is the story of me transitioning into young adulthood and letting go of who I used to be. Struggling to find my identity in this huge world, I reflect on the psychological adventures of my childhood and teenage years to discover why I am who I am," Dylan explains. "I wrote all of these songs over the past few years, living between my solitary small hometown and the stress of NYC. I experienced a lot in that time: my friends and relationships changed, my parents changed, the hometown neighborhoods I grew up in changed. I started to come to grips with the things I won’t be able to do in life. There’s a lot of fear in that, but ultimately, I encourage myself and others who relate that there will be more to life than what we’ve known."

"Everything Gets Old" and "Sail Up The Sun" are the first singles off There's More To Life. There's definitely more to Dylan with his emotionally-charged lyrics.

Everything Gets Old

Sail Up The Sun