Dylan Owen breaks through triumphantly with new release, "The Best Days of Our Lives"

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There are two type of artists in this world: one that will bite a style, & one that will appreciate it enough to recreate a sound of their own. The artist aiming to imitate others only comes to a halt at some point, as they are clearly unaware of their own identity and probably after nothing short of the almighty dollar. The artist who appreciates is the artist who truly finds a creative space worth diving into and bringing a personality of their own --one that will allow THEM to sustain their music.

Dylan Owen is an artist who immediately after into getting into the storyline of his latest release, "The Best Days of Our Lives," will give you a real understanding on his emotionally charged rhymes layered out over delicate drums and guitar that create a wavy yet pronounced sound unlike any other. His style will remind you that of Macklemore, but as previously stated, it takes real genuine artistry to walk into a realm of music pre-occupied by another artist, & make a sound of your own out of it.

"The so-called best years of our lives, the time during our late teen years and early twenties, isn’t a reality for many people," he says. "I talk through the various realities that are striking me currently and during these foundational years: a childhood friend passing away, old flames that never went anywhere, friends who left me to move to Los Angeles, and my grandfather being sick."

With a record that is so honest & introspective, Owen wins the hearts of those who can relate & learn to appreciate a story inspired by the masses. These are said to be the best days of our lives, & there is no day like today. Take heed to the message below.