Electric Slide: Janelle Monae Has the World Dancing to "Yoga"

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Janelle Monae yoga

"Sometimes I'm peachy, sometimes I'm vulgar / Even when I sleep, I've got one eye open..."

- Janelle Monae, "Yoga"

The world received a jolt of musical excitement this week with the release of Janelle Monae's new video, "Yoga." Long known for her famous black-and-white tuxedo attire and futuristic concepts, this video is a huge departure from what fans have come to expect from the Electric Lady. In this video, Janelle is seen dancing to the uptempo and catchy dance track with a group of friends in a posh apartment and later, a diner.

With Janelle Monae's new Wondaland artist Jidenna making a cameo to deliver his smooth and witty verse, we're witnessing a creative celebration. But this isn't just another video full of eye candy: In it, we see beautiful women embracing their sexuality while not objectifying themselves in a tawdry way.

If you never wanted to do yoga before you saw this video, after seeing Janelle and her friends bounce around, you're going to be on a yoga mat as soon as this clip is finished.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OkB6p_FZAw&w=560&h=315]