Exclusive: Lee Mazin Opens Up About Her Humble Beginnings Into Hip Hop

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Lee Mazin is a favorite amongst many. Not just her hometown of Philadelphia, but across the genre of Hip Hop in regard to her amazing abillities as a recording artist.

Some call it rap. Other call it poetry, art and expressionism. We call it talent. Since Lee Mazin's debut into the hip hop world back in 2011, female artists just couldn't compete with what she brings to the table.

Many know her as the "first lady" of the Dreamchasers movement, organized by Philadelphia's very own Meek Mill. Others are just catching on. Here at HYPEFRESH® we've been keeping tab on her since the beginning. We had an exclusive opportunity to sit down with the lyrical genius to talk about how she managed to get into the limelight.

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Lets talk humble beginnings. How did you get started in music?

When I was about 4 years old, my g-mom created a group consisting of myself, my brother and two cousins. I was the only girl, so I was the lead singer. We sung all oldies like Patti Labelle, Anita Baker, etc;. We even would go around to local group homes in the neighborhood and perform for the people. Just having fun with it, you know?

Since those day as I grew up, I always had a thing for music. I was a true hip hop head, but I kept my door open to all types of genres. I never would have thought that I would be into music as much as I'm in it now, *chuckles*. I kinda sorta just came to me.

I graduated High School early, I went to Delaware State University for a year. There, I majored in Psychology. I didn't have any intentions of being an entertainer while there, until one semester I decided to take time off to look into it music.

During that time-frame , I started playing around with my words, which then led into poetry.. And eventually I began getting into play free styling with my friends. They would tell me "yo, you should really think about getting into music, seriously." Then, one day my friends decided to record me while I was spitting a verse. They put it on Facebook and it got alot of hits.. Like major attention.


How did that make you feel?

Honestly, It made me truly consider about getting into the craft and making it my thing. The deeper I got into hip hop, the more connected I felt to the art. Once I ended up in an actual studio for the first time, there was a sense of relief that came from recording. It just felt right. I knew from that point that this was what I wanted to do.

What happened after that?

From there, it got serious. My works started to really take off, like really, really fast. At the time it was around the top of 2011, which led into the summer of that year, my music ended up getting placed on the top two hip hop radio stations in Philadelphia. Power 99 and at the time Hot 107.9 (before their switch)

I was getting bigger and bigger by the day. I started hanging around celebrities and famous figures in the industry that I would only see on TV. My name kept popping up in the city for requests to perform at venues and shows. Honestly, this is when I knew I was in the music industry for sure.

The following year in 2012, I bumped into Meek Mill, mainly because we were from the same neighborhood, and we both did music. He explained that he heard alot about me, that I was one of the hottest upcoming artists in the city... All good things in that conversation. He explained that he had an opportunity for me when he came back home from touring. And sure enough, when he did, it fell on the day of Power 99's Powerhouse concert. He contacted me that day and said "I'm ready to take it to the next level. I'm about to start a group called the Dreamchasers, and make it a movement. You down?"


What did you say?

I said im in! *Chuckles*. From that day, he made me the first lady of the Dreamchasers movement. I knew it was no looking back from that point. Why should I? And to this day, that happened only four years ago. I've accomplished what some people take 10 years to do in less than a quarter of that time. Everything just happened so fast. Just so, so fast.

What's next for Lee Mazin?

Honestly, I have a lot of material ready, but I don't want just drop anything. I wan't my next move to be a powerful one. I want my fans to be satisfied with what comes next. I want to deliver a project that tells my story. All the good/bad, highs and lows... Especially with all that i've experienced since then, from traveling across the world twice over, to meeting so many unique individuals and professionals.

Towards the end of year I'm planning on dropping an EP titled "No Love Lost", but my official debut album will be coming surely after. Overall, I got a lot going on. From revamping my official website, to new music videos to short films... I'm excited about what's to come.

The money question. What's fuels Lee Mazin's inspiration and motivation? 

My mom. She sacrificed so much for my family and my siblings for us to have a fair opportunity at life. Her sacrifice made me appreciate life as we know it that much more. With that, I'm here to paint the picture through my music that there is much more to life than what seems possible.


What's it like working with Meek Mill, being the first lady on Dreamchasers?

It's really dope. His energy is crazy! When i'm in his presence, I feel motivated and inspired to get up and go. This guy brings so much passion to his music. From all his life's experiences, the pains/joys, that's why he's at this level in his career.

Have you learned anything from Meek thus far with your working experiences together?

Yeah, basically - never stop. Keep going, take accountability for your mistakes and never place the blame on anyone. If you want something bad enough, it's up to your grind and hustle in the midst of getting it.


Any tips you can share for upcoming artists. aspiring to get in the music industry? According to Lee Mazin?

Just be yourself. This industry will eat you alive if you don't. You have to have the proper mentality, drive to grind and hustle to see success. You must develop business saavy, through knowing what you want. At the end of day, though it is MUSIC, it's a big business which boils down to money in the mainstream market. Be careful about the company you keep. You may run into people who seem to have your best interest, but it's not always what it appears to be.

Some more tips would be in making sure you personally don't lose yourself in the industry. I've seen alot of people go from different extremes in personality because they let their success go to their heads. Most important of all - have fun. Enjoy your time in because when the 15 seconds is over, it's done.

I think as long as people stay true to themselves, have fun and keep it professional, sky's the limit as far as where they can go and what they can accomplish.



You can follow Lee Mazin on Twitter:@leemazin