Exclusive Premiere: Steel Toe Bandits ft. G-Scott - One Down

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steel toe bandits one down

What happens when the members of Chicago-based group, Steel Toe Bandits decide to down a bottle of Jameson in a matter of 30 minutes? Their debut single, "One Down," naturally. After going to see Hot Tub Time Machine 2, the three boys somehow decided buying a bottle of Jameson and going to Glass Tree Studios was a good idea. After listening to "One Down," we think this was a decision they didn't regret.

Nigel Crown (Vocalist x producer x bass player), GP (guitarist) and Trill Blanco (on lead guitar) make up the crew. The guys, who worked in warehouses or garages, requiring steel toes back in the day, (hence half part of their name sake), turned to music as a form of escape from the monotony of working-class life.

Blanco x GP are making their debut into the music game but Crown is no stranger. He produced NJOMZA's breakout song "Ridin Solo, created for Ibn Inglor, Boldy James, ShowYouSuck, Save Money's Kami de Chukwu, and GLC.

STBs blend different styles of music into a sound not easily duplicated. It's fresh, unique but also relatable. With influences from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, N.E.R.D. and more, it's a hip-hop, electronic, alternative fusion that makes "One Down," a repeat on the playlist.

With a catchy hook, psychedelic guitar licks and smooth transitions, "One Down" is easily on its way to seeing air time. "One Down" is solely written & produced by Crown with guest verses by G-Scott, a producer from Indiana.

Keep up with Steel Toe Bandits on their SoundCloud as they continue to work on their upcoming EP, "Sans Rival."