Exclusive: UK Artist has created 21 Hip-Hop Tarot Cards

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Ben Gore has created a deck featuring all 21 Major Arcana cards (that’s a tarot thing, apparently) reimagined with all your favorite rappers. The deck features a selection of rappers from Kanye West to MF Doom to Gucci Mane. Each deck features 21 cards and 21 stickers of each design.

HypeFresh had a chance to hear from Ben and find out where the idea came from for this project and what his favorite card is.

HF: How did the idea of Hip-Hop Tarot cards come to fruition?

Ben Gore: The idea sparked while I was reading into mythology and symbology. I came across the various elements within the Tarot and I thought it would be interesting to create a hip-hop inspired deck with rappers cast as the card's characters. I wanted each card to have a relationship with the rapper so their personality is reflected in the symbology of the card. Also I'm currently running a submission based art project through Blue Monday Press about hip-hop inspired art, which will hopefully culminate in an exhibition early next year, and this seemed like a fun mini-project I could fit into that.

HF: Can you tell me about one of your favorite cards that you've created and explain why you chose that hip-hop artist and how it relates to that tarot card?

Ben Gore:My favorite card is MF Doom as The Hermit, which was actually the first card I drew. I chose MF Doom, a notoriously secretive rapper, as The Hermit because the card represents the need for personal space or solitude and self-sufficiency in solving problems. Similarly I chose RZA as the Hierophant as he is often referred to as the Abbot of the Wu Tang. He is also a spiritual man and the Hierophant is a card that represents the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

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Via Blue Monday Press Tumbler

If you're interested in owning this cool collection that combines rap and mysticism, click here