Experience The Third Dimension With Sahil's Debut EP

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The West London producer delivers a solid introduction, by bringing ethereal sounds to the electronic & hip hop worlds.

With the focus primarily on London's re-emerging Grime scene, experimental producer Sahil steps out with his debut solo project. Having gained the attention of DJ Complexion, Sahil has wowed fans with singles such as The Matrix-sampling "I Feel It" and the equally exciting "Protocol". The new 6-track project is a short, digestible listen that has plenty of peaks and troughs, blending ethereal soundscapes and eccentric drum patterns, with subtle vocal samples and movie excerpts peppered throughout.

Premiered by EARMILK, The Third Dimension feels like a completed piece that tells a unique story for the listener to unravel within themselves. With hands dipped in both the electronic and hip hop trends, this EP is a gripping introduction and will be a hit for those who like to dabble in the darker side of music.

Be sure to check it out below and leave those thoughts in our comments section below. Do you like this project's sound and direction?