SWA Playmaker Drops 'Flights' (Prod. By TOPE)

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"Man... Another day another dollar..." - SWA Playmaker

In an attempt to express the many views of his life, SWA Playmaker opens up about the importance of having a woman hold him down while he's on the road working. Obviously, he must be a busy guy... Building a career as an artist takes thousands of work hours. And were talking time that's interchangeable - regardless of the outcome. Yeah, there's a lot of work that goes into it.

Speaking on his main motivation in this record - you know, that "funk dat nasty gushy stuff".

James Bond did it for the love of his country, and of course - the ladies. In the same light of smoothness and prowess, SWA Playmaker drops a parable or two about distant moments that caused him to reminisce with lady back at home. It's really cool to see today's Indie artists are opening up as well about similar topics.

Keeping it honest always is the best solution.

Give this one a whirl, and be sure to leave those thoughts below. What's your take on SWA Playmaker's cut - "Flights"?

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Swa Playmaker

FACT: Did you know this artist was formerly known as formerly known as Benisour? Who's worked with the likes of DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, and many others? Click the links below to hear his previous collaborations.

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