Frank Ocean Just Dropped His Sophomore Album "Blonde"

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The Frank Ocean drought is officially over.

After his "Endless" visual album sent the internet into a frenzy a few days ago, and after dropping a music video titled "Nikes" earlier today, the cryptic Frank Ocean just dropped his full-length, sophomore album, "Blonde."

Stream the 17-track project on Apple Music here.

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"Blonde" is the highly anticipated sequel to Ocean's debut album, "Channel Orange," dropped in 2012. That project cemented Ocean's status as a versatile and talented singer and songwriter and the album received critical acclaim from all avenues.

Fans have been clamoring for a sophomore project from Ocean since 2013, when he first stated that he was working on another album. Then, in April 2015, he announced that the second album would be released in July of 2015, a due date that was never met. From that moment on, possible release dates for Frank Ocean's mysterious second project were promised, teased, and discussed -- but the project was ultimately never released according to alleged plans.

Until today, August 20, 2016. It's been a whirlwind weekend of excitement for Frank and his audience as their years of waiting paid off, so undoubtedly fans of his are glad that brand-new Frank Ocean sounds are finally available.