FreshfromDE & Michael Christmas Take Us On An Introspective Sonic Journey With New Single "Indigo Children"

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FreshFromDE is a stimulating, one in a million kind of artist who through insight and will alone rose to overcome all challenges while exceeding all expectations. Where others fall, FreshFromDE rises, being a recording engineer, producer, and hip-hop artist, FreshFromDE sees no limits to his capabilities. A highly progressive sound, honest lyrics, and an unquestionable drive for music connects FreshFromDE directly to anyone listening to his music. With decisive control When asked the question, what makes FreshFromDE so passionate about hip hop, he replied “Well I have always had this gift, this energy gift, where I can use my energy to bring a positive change, and that same energy I want to unleash upon hip hop for the same reasons.” 

For those of you who are spiritually inclined, you might be aware that there's a small % of the worlds population born with a latent set of abilities and indefinable presence [aura] that surrounds them everywhere they go, an intangible distinct from the average person. These human beings were born with a highly evolved awareness of their environment, themselves and others. "Indigo Children" by FreshfromDE is the latest from the Delaware artist, which gives an insight into the qualities of that group of individuals as he collaborates with the larger than life, one-of-a-kind, Boston's ."Indigo Children" provides some infectious trap/hip-hop melodies and smooth flows from both artists.

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