Future Makes The Cover Of Rolling Stone

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Recently, trap rapper Future was featured on Rolling Stone's front cover which is a big deal. Many know Future for rapping about codeine, Sprite, strippers, money, etc and of course it's music that you'd turn up to. For the feature, Future and Ciara's situation is discussed, music that he's making on the spot and his success.

I first heard Future back in 2012 when Turn On The Lights released and I liked the song but didn't think much of it. Then Dirty Sprite 2 dropped last year and I officially became a Future fan. A surprise collab album with Drake titled What A Time To Be Alive was released last year and they received a few awards nominations for it. Recently, Future and Drake won Best Group at the BET Awards for What A Time To Be Alive, so despite anybody who disliked the project, it still was a success. You can catch Drake and Future on your this summer at the Summer Sixteen Tour. If you'd like to read the full article on Future, check it out here