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Get Suited Up & Join the Gentlemen's Club

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Clothing line, Argyleculture recruits spoken word poet, Shane Romero as the front man for their latest production titled, “The Gentlemen’s Movement”. Directed by David Mathis and Produced by Russell Simmons (yes thee Russell Simmons), the video unearths the core of Hip Hop through a journey rooted in poetry.

With a smooth melodic Hip Hop/Jazz beat, strong pen game, and strong visuals, this piece details the change of the “Urban Graduate” going from the streets to entrepreneurs. This visual will revolutionize not just poetry videos but visuals all together.

The message is conscious and the angle is focused in the importance of a man's style. His delivery is captivating and the clothing is dapper which appeals to the every guys inner gentleman. Shane Romero is dynamic and multi dimensional, so we fully support the message over here at Hypefresh Magazine! So guys, get suited up and join the gentlemen’s club.