Girls United is Ready to Takeover

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The girl power movement is still in full effect and I'm all for it. Girls United is a new girl group made up of Nichole Cordova, Candice Craig, and Alex Segal and they're determined to make it big. These 3 ladies possess an insane amount of talent and willpower, and they'll be at the top in no time. Nichole, Candi, and Alex have all previously been in girl groups (Girlicious and Velvet Angels respectively) and they're ready to make waves worldwide and give us a much needed breath of fresh air.

Girls United appeared on season 3 of US X-Factor and made it to the Top 10 in the "Groups" category before unfortunately being eliminated. It's not all bad though as the girls have kept working hard and recording in the studio. They recently put out a response to Chris Brown's tracks "Loyal" and "Show Me" entitled "The Mashup", which has been getting radio play in various cities.

With their optimistic attitudes, flawless vocals, dope dance moves and empowering demeanor, Girls United is a group that without a doubt deserves all of the success coming their way.

 Photo: Edward Aninaru

Photo: Edward Aninaru

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