Global Pop Duo The Very Best Release Video for "Makes a King"

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Global Pop Duo The Very Best Release Video for Makes a King


International Pop Duo, The Very Best consist of Swedish-based producer Johan Hugo and Malawi-based artist Esau Mwamwaya. The two met in London while Esau was selling a bicycle and now together, they pursue musical success.

Their latest album Makes a King, was mostly worked on in Esau's hometown of Lilongwe, which is also the capital of Malawai. In attempt to expand their brand, the two felt it was best to dodge the city life and relocate to a small village away.

The "Makes a King" video emphasizes the vibe of the village where the two also acquired help from local brands and even used environmental sounds like the village's lake in the album. They also purchased skateboards from Ethiopia Skate -- which is a program that is run by youth that allows children who may not be able to afford skateboards to receive lessons.

The most interesting and inspiring fact about this specific village is that the population is split between Muslims and Christians. Johan was astounded of these two cultures co-existing in such a remote village.

""We found a house about [a] five hour drive from the capital, in a village called M'dala Chikowa," Johan said. "It was an amazing experience recording there, especially because the community is half Christian, half Muslim. In a world often divided between the West and the 'other,' it was amazing to see people living in peace and harmony despite differences in religion and culture."