Goodbye Tomorrow - "JAY- Z" [Official Music Video]

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Not really knowing what to expect when we first opened the email, seeing the title "Jay Z" and 'Goodbye Tommorrow', instantly we thought Shawn Carter's team sent us some new ish'. That wasn't the case however, but it was more than worth the 4:29 we spent watching.

"Girls on the floor... going crazy... In a mercedes... Got me feeling like im Jay Z."

The Kanye-ish hook loops over and over (reminiscent of the 808's and Heartbreak era) in an appropriate manner, over a techno infused Hip Hop rhythm, which actually feels like "Watch The Throne" style production. Mix that with a touch of catchy wordplay?

Oh yeah, you got a winner.

Sonically, this record really defines the name of it's title. No argument, the Hip Hop duo truly does its thing as a collective. The modern-era style of this track really intrigues. So much so, you may find yourself repeating the track a few times just to comfortably digest it in it's entirety.

Overall, definitely one to put in the music library. Share with a few friends even, and don't forget to pass it along on social media.