HEAT: Killa Kyleon's "Check" Freestyle Is Crack

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No disrespect to the original artist on this record, but Killa Kyleon owned this record. I almost forgot that Meek Mill dropped a verse on this track first.

The flow laid down on this record is bananas. The wordplay? Classic. Audible bliss through my Beats Tour earbuds.

With classic lines like: 

"You n*ggas broke witta rich n*gga conversation."

"Hate to see a n*gga getting paid like a house note."

It's hard to deny this lyrical mastery. Honestly, I didn't expect to hear what came through my speakers. I wasn't ready. After running the track back at least 4-5 times back to back, I realized why my fingers started typing. Stream the track here and Follow Killa Kyleon on Twitter:https://twitter.com/KILLAKYLEON