HF® Premiere: "Thoughts While Marching" - The Bul Bey (Feat. Lauryn Hill)

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Here's a track that brings awareness to the people.

TheBulBey ties his personal struggles to the forefront in "Thoughts While Marching", simultaneously discussing cultural topics within the African-American community.

Inspired by the protests for Freddy Gray, this record exemplifies the frustrations that spiral the mind of the everyday black person in America. An excellent example of this is towards the end of song, where a clip of Lauryn Hill from her Def Poetry performance is revealed.

Having a soulful, yet energetic vibe throughout the track, the lyrics are carefully placed and well put in terms of the topic on the table. Credit given to the production team of HYPEFRESH® Magazine, we get a taste of his thoughts behind the production here:

"It's an obvious truth that there are racial biases that take place here in America. Especially against the man of color. TheBulBey expressed his personal views on a track we produced a while back that just fell right in place."

 @TheBulBey | #SHKB

@TheBulBey | #SHKB

It's very clear to see that this record is extremely bold in it's own right. Not a bad thing it terms of modern day Hip Hop. We don't get much of this nowadays on the regular.

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