HF® Exclusive Interview: Freck Billionaire Talks Music, Spirituality & Inspiration

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You just gotta love Freck Billionaire’s daily grind. The inspirational rapper has a new goal set out for himself — and that’s to touch the lives of people through his music. Once being known as the hardcore gangster rapper, Freck has decided to change it up a bit.

Going through life’s experiences has put him through a lot — and we mean, A WHOLE LOT. However, his newfound connection with Jesus Christ has him on a new & improved mission — to walk a better path in life, as well as delivering the best quality content to his fans.

We caught up with him for a one on one interview in Rittenhouse Park, Philadelphia to talk politics, opinion, advice & new his new movements in the music industry. Check it out for yourself!

Video Shot & Edited By: Clark Kennedy, HF®