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Terrel Wallace (a.k.a.Tall Black Guy) is a highly respected hip hop music producer in the rap game — who’s literally BLAPPED UP Grandma’s soul vinyl collection into classic hip hop productions of our time. Producing songs like Skyzoo’s “Spike Lee Was My Hero” — or remixes of classic songs (i.e. Sade’s “Taboo”) which went viral online, thanks to websites like Okayplayer.com & HipHopDX.com. TBG stopped in with HF® editors to chat about music, inspiration and his creative process. Taking the floor, we’ve decided to close our mouths and open our ears to the wisdom of a music guru who’s mastered the art of ‘sampling’. Music producers worldwide — please take notes, class is in session.

For those that haven’t been introduced to you as of yet, tell the people a bit about you as well as filling them in on your musical background.

I started making beats as hobby in 2000-2001, spending countless hours trying to understand the whole beat making process. It took me 6-7 years to come up with my own sound. In 2006 I started participating in local beat battles in Chicago to showcase my music. I won some, I lost some but, at that time it was a great way for me to get some exposure. Also, around this time I was the producer behind all my crews beats; The Pathfinders and 80’s Babies. So I was performing shows with them as well.

Fast-forward to 2011, my manager sent some music to Giles Peterson. And the rest was history. He played some of my music on his radio show which opened up a small fan base internationally. And I have been moving forward ever since. It’s a slow process but it’s worth it. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

We were introduced to your production earlier last year when Skyzoo’s “Spike Lee Was My Hero” dropped on his LP “A dream Deferred”. Can you walk us through your creative process when creating that track?

The beat actually was a remix I did for Camp Lo’s - “Luchini”(This Is It) in like 2008. Skyzoo reached out to me for the beat when I had it posted on Soundcloud. That’s basically how this track came together with him.

Your latest instrumental which is a viral “BLAPPED UP” version of Sade’s classic song “Taboo” took us by storm. We listened to the song via OkayPlayer.com and was amazed. Many hip hop producers don’t sample Sade.. What inspired you to do the the remake?

Well, this is a revamped version, of a earlier Sade track I made in 2004 using the same sample. When I made the first beat, it was was just a basic loop with some filtering and a few layers. At the time, I didn’t know how to play keyboard so I was just using the sample for extra sounds. On this version, it’s a little more polished in the sense that, I played some chord progressions and I tried to capture the greatness of the sample. Also, this version had more change ups than the other version did.

For the producers that are climbing their way up the ladder, could you share some helpful advice that may help them throughout their journey?

Be patient and Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice X10 Practice, Practice, Practice,and Practice! Lol oh and practice!

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HF® Music Producer’s Suite — ‘In My Head’ (Instrumental)


**As an added bonus to you, we’ve decided to give you an exclusive listen to one of TBG’s instrumental BLAP UPS, via HF®. Enjoy!!!

Follow Tall Black Guy on Twitter:@sirtallblackguy

Visit his website atTallBlackGuyProductions.com

Author: Clark Kennedy, HF®