Val DaGrain, "Black American Views"

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This morning as I checked HF®'s emails for new music submissions, I stumbled into an artist from New Jersey named Val DaGrain.
He instructed us in his letter to listen to his intro titled "2 Cents" from his LP, well, um.. titled "Black American Views" (lol) So I give it a spin...Immediately, as soon as the record starts playing, I hear a comedic negro spiritual being sung by a group of men saying:

"Take our black asses outta here.." (2x)

"Come save us catcher (God) and kill all these cracka's (white people)"

"Take our black asses outta here.."

"Sang this MuF&#@a now!" (Repeat)

This instantly put me in the mindset of Kanye West's debut album "The College Dropout" , creating a mood that would prepare your mind for what's to come next. And as I expected, Val DaGrain finally comes forth and drops knowledge about black pride & the everlasting racism conditions in America.

To be quite honest, i'm thankful that he made this record. Compared to all the mind conditioning hip hop songs that's being "accepted" in todays market, "Black American Views" breathes originality, and shows that creativity can still be practiced in indie hip hop. You don't have to blend in with the crowd, or be something that you're not in order to get attention. Obviously, he got our attention... So just imagine the nods from other publications if they "choose" to listen.

This is an awesome listen for the true hip hop heads looking for something new, and refreshing.

Hear more from Val Dagrain at his Soundcloud here.