HipHop: Boogie - Oh My (Official Video)

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Long Beach, CA upcomer Boogie released a video to his new single "Oh My," off of his upcoming album, The Reach. This is my first time coming across Boogie, but I must say, the "hardship lyrics" along with hit-maker The Jahlil Beats' track makes this single one good banger.

"Oh my goodness, oh my
Before I started rappin', if you niggas heard my story
Bet you'd be like, "Oh my goodness, oh my"
Was chillin' at the park and I got shot up with a 40
I was there like oh my goodness, oh my
I seen a nigga slippin', he got caught up with his shorty
I was there like oh my goodness, oh my
And all I knew was pain, man I ain't ever knew no glory."

Check out the music video below.