HIPHOP: IKON Private Stock EP

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IKON is a young artist from Chicago who shows nothing but potential in his music as he creates his own original sound.

His ability to tap into other genres and make quality music is what sets him apart from your average emcee. His most recently released EP 'Private Stock' shows the artist's versatility as he provides many different sounds throughout the project.

'Private Stock' is IKON's first fully finished project. The project displays great production as well as songwriting. It plays smoothly as the tracks transition from one to another. The features in this EP also greatly compliment IKON's already creative and unique style. With features from Saba, Pivot Gang, Noname Gypsy, ASA, and other artist the contribute to this great music.

IKON's open­minded style of music is something that could stick around for a while. With big labels such as G.O.O.D. Music and even Drake's O.V.O sound who faithfully tap into other genres to make music, IKON shares a similar technique and ethic. This is a young artist that I advise music listeners to pay attention to.

Check out the making of this EP in the video below. Enjoy and enjoy!

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Written by Che Rogers